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NTTHEARTIST ™ is a fee-based service provider.  All services are currently waitlisted for the general public.

Private and limited releases for our BE THE CAUSE charitable Initiatives may be available to our valued clients and verifiable Friends & Family.

During campaign efforts, we may accept donations in lieu of designer fees in order to support our Cancer Awareness and End of Life Preparedness Initiatives.

Please note we are not a not-for-profit organization and we reserve the right to refuse donations at any time. 

A minimum of 10 percent of all donations is allocated to BE THE CAUSE Initiatives for Rewards, Donations, and Pro Bono Design Services to individuals in need in our immediate community. 

NTTHEARTIST exclusive CUSTOM MADE and CELEBRITY MADE design fees may not include production, manufacturing, shipping costs, or applicable sales tax. All design service and consulting fees are final. Due to the sensitive nature of our business, we do not provide service refunds or accept product exchanges. 

Please allow up to 21 business days for made-to-order production unless stated otherwise. Due to COVID-19,  services may become suspended at any time and additional delays may occur.

Design service fees are subject to change at any time due to market changes and at the sole discretion of NTTHEARTIST.  

The INTRO service consultation is required before all CUSTOM and CELEBRITY MADE Services. NDA and Contractual agreements may be required depending on the nature of the service requested.

Please do not order or request service without being prepared to affirm that you understand and agree to the aforementioned Terms of Service. 


Current Clients: Please refer to your complimentary size guides provided during your fitting.